The MDSUA provides umpiring services to sanctioned Little League programs in Northeastern Wayne County and Macomb County

  • The MDSUA was started in 2004 with about 35 umpires and that year we provided umpiring service for 4 Little Leagues.
  • In 2020 the MDSUA provided umpiring services for 10 Little League programs (7 baseball and 3 softball), with 78 umpires.
  • In 2020 the MDSUA scheduled 787 games that had 1,141 umpires scheduled to work those games from June to September for those leagues.
  • While the goal for the association is always 100%, the MDSUA has traditionally had a show-up rate of around 98- 99% and the past eight years we were above 99%. For 2020 we had a 99.71% show-up rate.

It is because of the dedication of the umpires that this association has been able to grow and provide quality umpiring services to the various league