• Next Steps if you are still interested:

 Download the documents listed under the “Umpire Requirements” tab on the home page. These documents must be uploaded using the “Umpire Document Upload” tab on the home page.

  1. Complete the Umpire Return Form under the “Umpire Forms” tab on the home page to provide the UIC with your experience, availability and preferred sports and level of play.  
  2. Sign up for the scheduling program that we use, Once you have uploaded the required documents the UIC will send you a welcoming e-mail from the website and within the e-mail will be instructions on how to complete your registration and mark yourself as “ready” to receive your schedule.
    • Please note that your social security number does not need to be inputted on the web site.
    • Only your address and phone number(s) are needed.
  3. Obtain your equipment (if needed)
    • At a minimum you will need;
    • An umpiring shirt (navy blue is standard for baseball and light blue is standard for softball)
    • Pants (charcoal or heather grey is standard – jeans and sweat pants are not acceptable – Dockers are ok but sometimes they are hard to get the shin guards underneath them)
    • Mask
    • Chest protector
    • Shin guards (not always needed for the younger age groups)
    • Ball bag
    • Indicator
    • Plate brush
    • An all-black pair of shoes/cleats (metal cleats are not allowed).
    • These items can be obtained at the following locations;
        5. Play it Again Sports
        6. Craig’s List

If you have any questions please feel free to send any questions using the Contact Us section of the website.